Easter of Armenia

In Armenia, Easter is celebrated in the spring. I paint eggs in red with my parents.  We  put that eggs in basket. We play  egg fight with the whole family. My Easter table includes Armenian fish Ishkhan and red wine. We  go to the church every year, but now we can’t go to the church because of the coronavirus.



Use the words in brackets in the Present Continuous(Փակագծերում տրված բառերը օգտագործեք ներկա շարունակական ժամանակաձևով)

Look, he is going  to school!(go)

Look, he is  drinking     a coffee!(drink)

Look, I am swimming !(swim)

Look, she is  washing  her hair!(wash)

Look, it is  drinking  its milk!(drink)

Look, we are dancing in the living room!(dance)

Look, they are running  to church!(run)

Now, you are writing  an email.(write)

Look, the monkey is eating  a banana!(eat)

We are watching TV  at the moment. (watch TV)

Look, they are  having their breakfast!(have)

At the moment father is driving  a little red car.(drive)

Look, the two little penguins are swimming  !(swim)

The children are having their breakfast now.(have)